The dark side of the human being

My expectations were too high,

Footprints of ideals.

I was injured, even bruised,

Seeing the horrible faces,

That the human could take.

I do not understand.

The absurdity is there,

And it tires me.

How is it possible ?

Thinking about it and I lose my mind.

It is too much.

Infinite sadness,

Cradled in despair,

It is not a song for glory,

But the deep echo of the icing sea.

The other animals don’t spoil,

That’s the difference with us.

All this power,

All this creative force,

All these abilities!

For that ?!

Yes, I also speak for myself.

I still dream of an ideal world,

Where we will live,

In all the best that humans have:

Love, friendship, awakened intelligence,

With this world, our Earth, our friends animals and vegetals,

In Peace, happy,

For eternity.


(Written in early 2018)