Let’s imagine

That the world be happy

That we could live united

Imagine a world entirely in celebration

Imagine all men, women and children

All humans

And all happy

Imagine dancing, singing, playing, laughing and crying with joy


This energy of Love that makes our world, our earth live and vibrate.

Imagine living in peace with Nature and animals.

I need love, fresh water and earth fruits

I need connections, sharing, laughter and childishness.

Why take yourself so seriously?

Aren’t we all going to the same place?

Don’t we all come from the same source?

No matter the color of your skin, your eyes, your hair,

No matter where you come from,

No matter the weight of the past passed down through the generations

No matter your religion or no religion.

No matter your bank account

No matter your physique

As long as you’re happy

Just human beings

All beings alive.

Barriers, divisions are just illusions

You and me

We are the same.

All unique,

To unite


(Written in 2016)