I see you

I see you struggling in poverty, little child and grown adult,

Seeking, as much as possible, to feed you.

I see you, still trying to survive in the war.

Impossible situations.

I see myself in a country at peace, in wealth.

And yet, I’m looking for,

The solutions to my problems, the keys to my destiny.

 I want to help myself.

“God helps those who help themselves.”

I want to take care of myself, to love me, and take you into account, to love you.

My choices, my actions have an impact on poverty and war, or prosperity and Peace.

The world is interconnected. We are connected.

So I choose to eat healthy, environmentally friendly foods.

Local and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

From the little local peasant.

Fairtrade far away sometimes I admit it.

I wear Fair Wear clothes, ecological,

and from which no child or adult has suffered.

When my laptop is done with its planned obsolescence,

I will buy a Fairphone, durable, repairable and responsible.

I leave jewelry and objects in gold, silver and stones,

Because millions of humans, children and adults, die in mines or by crimes,

To remove those metals from the Earth.

What I need is sunlight and stars.

They shine more than anything and are free for everyone.

This is the Abundance of life !

Like water, air and earth.

No more illusions!

My value is intrinsic, I don’t need jewelry or any other objects to show off myself.

My love is your mirror.

What I can do too is tell you: “I see you. “

I think of you. Courage!

With Love,



(Written in the beginning of 2019).