When we are young we have a lot of certainties.

Then one day, we realize that they were not founded,

So we look at the youngest with their assurance,

They think they know everything when they know nothing.

And 5-10 years later,

We still realize that we had lived through certainties.

And there we know nothing.

We no longer know what to believe.

And it’s crazy!

But tonight I feel liberated,

It feels good to be free,

No more certainties.

I want to live for myself,

White canvas on which I see myself.

Draw my path in all colors,

No more gray, neither black nor white.

And I put my brush down,

And here I am dancing !

I want to free myself,

Shake my body and get rid

Of this carapace that is too tight, stiffened, hurt.

I want to shine, jump, vibrate,


And only believe in Love.


(Written in 2016)