All the same…

I wish for all human beings on this Earth to be happy.

All without exception.

I wish all human being in love,

At peace with themselves then at peace with others.

I wish for Universal Love.

I wish Abundance for all,

Mental freedom, well-being, joy, sweetness, love,

The wonder,

The happiness of life,

To breathe, to feel the fresh air under the warm sun,

See the immensity of the bright blue sky in this clarity of happiness,

Admire the starry sky and be moved by the divine gifts, of life, of the Universe.

Everywhere leaving us messages, in the stars,

God-dess is great,

And in us.

We are the Universe looking at itself.

We are the universal consciousness.

Let’s wake up!

Let’s realize.

We are the same.


(Written in Autumn 2017)