About me

Hello the world :),

Like the Armadillo, whose armored appearance protects a great sensitivity and warmth, I choose to start expressing myself on this blog by protecting my private life under the pseudonym Ta2-22 « Tatou 22 » (Tatou is Armadillo in French).

What interests me is to help protect Life on this Earth that I deeply love.

Considering her for what she is, that is to say our Mother, consciouly I decide to respect her and to be grateful for all the happiness that she brings us.

Believer in a Creator/Creation, which is Love, I recognize the equality of each human being, without exception, and the right of animals and plants to be respected and left free to live.

Unfortunately, today in 2020, the situation is serious. The living is on the verge of exctinction, because of our human irresponsibility.

I feel pushed by the urgency to follow my heart which has always beat for Love, Equality, Earth, Nature, Freedom, Reconciliation and Peace.

These ideals represent the truth and the only possible reality to continue living in this wonderful world.